Treat Yourself to a CBD Oil Massage

Our CBD oil massage offers the same amazing benefits as our traditional massage sessions and more. 


Whether you are recovering from an injury, or just looking for some self-care and relaxation, we will create a treatment plan fully customized to your needs.

Our massages are a combination of:


  •  Relaxation

  •  Deep Tissue

  •  Trigger Point Therapy

  •  Tui Na 

These massage techniques combined with CBD oil are a match made in heaven and promise a relaxing experience.

Total relaxation is just a click away...


We offer 60 or 90 minute CBD oil massage sessions.

The Best CBD Oil Massage in Portland

Experience the luxury and amazing benefits of a CBD oil massage at Wildflower Massage. We offer customized CBD oil massages for ultimate relaxation. 

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What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil, often referred to as CBD oil, is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is a mixture of carrier oil and cannabidiol, which is a chemical naturally found in cannabis. 


CBD oil doesn’t contain THC and won’t cause any feelings of intoxication. 


With CBD oil, you receive all the benefits of recreational marijuana use without the “high”.


Are you ready to experience what a CBD oil massage has to offer? 

Book your CBD oil massage with Wildflower Massage today!

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